Koberinga Solar Farm
Project Capacity
Project Cost
$100 million
Project Area
144 hectares
Horizontal Tracking
Local Government Area
Burdekin Shire
Grid Connection
Existing 66kV Transmission Line

The Koberinga Solar Farm is a utility scale renewable energy project with an output measuring up to 55 megawatts (MW) that will generate clean and renewable electricity from the power of the sun.

The $100-million-dollar project is located approximately 23km south-east of Home Hill and 80km west from the township of Bowen. The site is currently used for agricultural purposes, mainly grazing activities. The project site was chosen as it has proximity to the Ergon Energy network, access from the Bruce Highway and relatively flat land.

The solar farm will cover an area of approximately 144 hectares (356 acres) and comprise approximately 160,000 solar photovoltaic modules, known more commonly as ‘PV Modules’ or ‘solar panels’. The solar panels are identical in type but larger in size to those used in residential solar installations located on homes throughout Australia.

The solar panels will be installed on ground-mounted frames that will slowly track the daily horizontal movement of the sun. The solar panels will generate direct current (‘DC’) electricity that will be inverted to alternating current (‘AC’) via containerized power conversion units. The power conversion units located within the site will feed AC electricity into an onsite power reticulation system before the power is centrally collected and dispatched to the local electricity distribution network via the Ergon transmission network.